Embody it.

​I will be truth, Love and light for all eternity. Even when you can’t see your own light, I’ll serve as your reflection, motivating you to nurture, heal and nourish your soul. I ask my ancestors for guidance and the universe for energy so that I may navigate with peace, wisdom and purpose. Asé Advertisements

Love, Lust and Lillies.

You know I been the Earth to your God,

that wisdom to your knowledge

that freak to your nasty, like a freshman year at college,

The Golden to your Brown and the Comedian to your Clown.

I’m the shooter to your hitter when the revolution go down.


From day one, It felt like it could last forever,

Never wouldve anticipated this hurricane weather

Tears fell like hail stones as I suppressed my energy

picking petals off a lotus asking God for you to love me,

blind and naive as you did the same with another Queen,

Manifesting love within ourselves wasnt apart of our histories

Pure Maternal love wasnt present in our most prevalent memories

Now finding salvation in self love has become our destiny.


In 4 years we’ve managed to weather many storms together,

Our paths aligning taught us how we could love ourselves better,

Clarity and Guidance I ask from the highest divinations

I now know you as Obetala, the God of creation

Quartz must be the composition of our sacred foundation,

Through Understanding and communication has brought us collective cooperation

with Supreme Math and Ma’at I know we could birth a nation

No telling what we can achieve with love and meditation.


We are on a path of emancipated upward mobility

Im speaking beyon this physical realm,

liberated ascension as a fifth dimension entities,

Assuming your rightful position in black divinity


Ra you something fifth dimension, like

a God of your own domain, head wrapped,

God body vessel of perfection,

Humble and imperfect still worthy of my praise

I’ll serve as your reflection of your highest potential for the rest of our days

I thought my love could be your medicine

but now I overstand the love we need is within.